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From an App to the Altar

If you're interested in what brings us to Charleston, South Carolina in the first place - you've come to the right page. Whether you're from the groom's side, bride's side, or shouldn't be on this website to begin with... we're all family here.

Scroll down to learn more about the soon-to-be newlyweds.

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How Did You Meet?

Eli: My friend Eden encouraged me to get on Bumble. Abby was one of the only people I matched with, before her I was ghosted by girl who was the president of a Dungeons and Dragons club at a local university.

Abby:  We matched on a dating app called Bumble. I actually matched with two amazing guys - but one turned out to be my new gynecologist. The other was Eli.

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When Did You Realize They Were the One?

Eli: Outside of a Target in Chicago, after a Journey concert. It was the first time I cried in front of her. I felt safe with Abby and it was something I had not felt in a long time. I knew she was who I wanted to be with forever.

Abby:  I knew almost immediately, just by how I felt talking to him on the phone. I have a video I sent to my friend Bria, where I say "I think I met my future husband or someone who could totally break my heart!" Fortunately it was the first option.


Describe Your First Date:

Eli:  Our first "hangout", Abby picked me up in her car (the interior lights were purple). She thought that I was going to kill her so she brought a knife. We went to Target, I thought she was beautiful. I loved her voice. I had a big crush on her and I was nervous to mess it up.

Abby:  Our first official date we danced in the rain to Ben Rector, and Eli wrote me the first of many love letters. We had mediterranean food, played Mancala, and instead of flowers he bought me a new house plant.


Who Said I Love You First?

Eli:  I said it first - I felt it for a little while, but I finally felt like I had the courage to say it. It was quick but if you know Abby, you know what it's like to love her. So for me, it wasn't quick at all.

Abby:  Eli did! Even though things were moving way faster than I, or anyone, anticipated - it felt right. I was so thankful he said it, because I had almost accidentally said it several times that night.

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What're You Most Looking Forward to About the Wedding?

Eli:  The moment Abby walks down the aisle (we aren't doing a first look). Having all our friends and family in one place, getting to dance, officially calling Abby my wife, and being in Charleston.

Abby:  I love getting to celebrate other people. Gift giving is one of my favorite things - and to see someone I love so much (Eli) be celebrated by his friends and family, really means the world to me. So thank you, all!

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What is Your Partner's Weirdest Quirk?

Eli:  There's a lot of different ones I could choose. Her leg bounces constantly.

Abby:  There are so many it's impossible to choose just one. Find me at the wedding (I'll be the one in white) and I can tell you a million - but recently he's been obsessed with vacuuming. Selfishly, it's my favorite quirk of his.


We Can't Wait to Celebrate with You!

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